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Mileage Tracker PRO

4.99 usd

ALL proceeds support Guatemalan MissionThis application upgrades your existing Mileage Tracker application to the FULL PRO version, which provides unlimited use of ALL features of Mileage Tracker. If you haven't already downloaded Mileage Tracker, the application will walk you through doing so when it is first opened. It is necessary for both Mileage Tracker and Mileage Tracker PRO to be installed on your device.
With Mileage Tracker users can add unlimited number of mileage entries to be associated with different jobs as well as different clients. There are numerous preference settings allowing you to tailor the program to your needs. Default values can be set for mileage rates, then if needed, they can be overriden at the job level.
Each mileage entry provides the following options:* Enter your mileage either by entering a starting odometer reading and ending odometer reading.* You can also enter mileage by entering the total distance traveled.* Track the date that the mileage was executed.* Associate multiple tags to the mileage entry to quickly identify the reason for the trip.* Additional information about the mileage entry can be captured within the notes field.
Additional features for MileageTracker are:* Manually set or automatically determined job states: Active, Billed, Overdue, and Paid.* Network Independent - Mileage Tracker is fully functional with or without network connectivity.* Base currency is allowed to be set to any currency. Once defined, all financial details displayed within Mileage Tracker and generated reports are converted to the base currency that is defined.* Payment management - as customer payments are received, they too can be tracked within Mileage Tracker. These payments as well as due dates can be used to auto calculate job statuses.* Extensive Reporting capabilities such as Job Details, Client Summaries, and Year to date reports are available. Additional Quick Reports easily allowing the generation of select reports within two screen touches.* Collected data is able to be exported in a CSV format for import to other applications such as Excel and Quick Books.* Reports and exported data are able to be emailed WITHOUT requiring additional fees.* View reports directly from your device, sorting the data in a variety of ways.* Tag Management that allows for creation and deletion of tags and tag groups.* Extensive users guide that is great for understanding how Mileage Tracker works.* Backup/Restore to/from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox to ensure that your data doesn't get lost.
Mileage Tracker is a great application for keeping track of mileage that you have traveled while servicing a client. Most applications charge hidden fees through the use of their servers for report generation and billing; not Mileage Tracker. There are no additional charges beyond the purchase price of the application.
If you already have the Mileage Tracker application and you would like to add Time Tracking or Expense Tracking capabilities, see the Time Feature and Expense Feature within the main menu.